Loose Pearls

Come and select your Tahitian pearls in our shops from a wide choice of shapes, colours and prices. There is something for everyone!

Tahitian pearls of different sizes and colors

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From the islands of Polynesia to the other side of the world, receive at home, and at the best price, our selection of Tahitian pearls or our jewelry with pearls.

The planet Earth

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Jewelry with Pearls

Find our range of jewelry with Tahitian pearls: pendants, earrings, necklaces...

You can also choose your pearls and the silver/gold setting that suits you. Be the jeweler!

A gold jewel with a Tahitian pearl

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Comments from our customers

  • Love our pearls!!

  • Best service

  • The necklace is sublime!

    A New Caledonia client

    Mihiarii Pearls

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