Are you a jeweller, craftsman, merchant? We can offer you services adapted to your needs whether you are in Polynesia or on the other side of the world. Several professionals in the sector already regularly use our services, including remotely.

Set of pearls / keshis

If you are in Tahiti, the easiest way is of course to come and see us and choose the pearls of your lot directly. But, if you are unable to travel to our islands, you can ask us to prepare a batch of Tahitian pearls or keshis according to the criteria that interest you. The more details you provide us, the easier it will be for us to make a selection of beads that will meet your expectations. We can then send you different photos of the batch for validation. Many professionals trust us for the choice of their pearls and order regularly in this way.


We can drill the beads purchased from us. The drilling diameter we offer is between 0.8 and 2mm, through and through, or in half drilled as for the mounting of earrings. Our prices vary between 15XPF ($0.15) and 100XPF ($1) per pearl depending on the diameter. This higher rate is due to the greater risk of damaging the pearl. Of course, if this happens during drilling, the bead will be exchanged for free.

Matches or assortments

We can offer you pairings of pearls for earrings or assortments for ornaments or necklaces. Our craftsmen have experience in choosing pearls of similar sizes, or a gradient in size, as well as harmonious colors. For necklaces and necklaces, we can provide beads already drilled and threaded on a cable to facilitate transport.

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