Create your jewelry

In addition to our choice of jewelry already made, you can also select your pearls and setting to create a unique piece of jewelry, your jewelry. Do not hesitate to ask our sales staff for advice so that the result will meet your expectations.

Silver and gold frame

Mihiarii Pearls offers in its shops a wide choice of silver and gold settings for earrings, pendants and rings. You can also bring a setting purchased in another shop if you wish. The assembly of your jewelry will be done on site, in the shop.

Unless otherwise indicated, silver settings are made of rhodium-plated silver. During the manufacture of the setting, the silver is covered with a thin layer of rhodium, a precious metal. Rhodium-plated silver is brighter and keeps its new appearance longer. Indeed, rhodium prevents silver from blackening. As for gold settings, they are 18-carat gold. You can check the punch on the jewelry to make sure.

Bracelets, necklaces and necklaces

If you do not find your happiness among our selection of bracelets, necklaces and necklaces, Mihiarii Pearls offers you to create it yourself. However, allow enough time! Here are the few steps necessary to create a necklace:

  1. Choice of pearls: Uniform or multicolored colors? Uniform or graded sizes? The choice is yours. Our sales staff will be there to share their experience with you if you wish. For a choker necklace, count between 40 and 50 pearls. Then take advantage of our discount 10 pearls purchased, 2 additional at the same price offered
  2. Choice of assembly: We offer you a very solid steel cable or silk wire assembly for an even more elegant finish. As for the silk wire, a knot will be made between each pearl for more security.
  3. Choice of clasp: Choose from our selection of silver or gold clasps. Some fasteners are specific to the type of assembly you have chosen.

Then all that remains is to wait for the assembly!

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