Iaorana e maeva!

Thank you for your interest ! Mihiarii Pearls is a family-owned company that sells Tahitian loose pearls, keshis and jewelry. We are located in Papeete, on Tahiti island.

About 20 years ago, we started by purchasing a pearl farm in Ahe, an atoll from the Archipelago of Tuamotu, and then we opened a shop in the island Moorea. Throughout the years, our shops changed places, but our desire to let you discover that wonder which is the pearl of Tahiti and also The Polynesia in general remains intact.

Our concept

We think that even if the Tahitian pearl is a luxury product it should be available to all budget. That’s why Mihiarii Pearls propose you a large selection of pearls from different qualities and therefore for all budgets.

Most of the pearls we sold in our shops are from our own pearl farm, one is in Ahe and the other one is in Rikitea, an island of Mangareva from the archipelago of the Gambiers. The other pearls come from productors we trust. In our shops, you are sure to buy authentic pearls of Tahiti. Don’t hesitate to ask for a certificate of authenticity when purchasing your pearls.

Pictures of our pearl farms

Tahiti pearl harvesting in Rikitea. A grafter uses precision instruments to remove a pearl.
Tahiti pearl harvesting in Rikitea. Two grafters work with care and attention.
Tahiti pearl harvesting in Rikitea. A pearl is being removed from the oyster.
Inside a pearl oyster where the black Tahitian pearl is formed.

Mihiarii Pearls

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